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Amazing Hope Scarves is an international knitting project implemented in the Philippines.

Versatile Accent Scarf

Product Description

This accessory piece is a small item that accents in a big way. Because of its versatility this little scarf retains the heart of the Trellis Line of Accessories in that it can be worn so many different ways. For example; it can be worn as a neck piece, headband, pony tail tie, wrist wrap, hand-bag accent, belt or any other way imaginable. Its affordable price makes the selection of multiple pieces very desirable. It is also offered in the same huge range of colors and textures in which the other two accessories are offered. Check out our photos for illustrated ways of wearing this item.

This item measures approximately 34 inches in length (excluding fringe) and approximately 1 inch in width.

Available Colors

Versatile Accent Scarf

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